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"Stationary Vibrations"

"Stationary Vibrations" (2004)

After spending almost a year with an itch to create, Andrew James Bowers donned the guise of 'DJ Dain' in 2003 and began to fuse samples and melodies together in his own home. Located in Pasadena, Newfoundland, Canada, he used most of his free time on music, gaming and hanging out with friends. Using two pieces of software: Mixman's Digital Music Mixer (DM2) and Techno eJay 2, he planted the seeds of inspiration into his PC, and thus a collection of various Dance tunes blossomed. 

The music (A collaboration of House, Techno, Trance and Break-beat among others) took its first test-flight in Andrew's high school enterprise course with the help if his classmate and good friend, Tom Cochrane. During this time, they used to receive feedback on the music. Much to their astonishment, the single 'Stationary Vibrations' had received several awards including: 'Track of the Day' (March 2004), 'Feel Good Track' in Dance (week of Feb. 26, 2004), 'Grooviest Rhythm' in Dance (week of Mar. 8, 2004) and 'Potential Soundtrack' in Dance (week of Feb. 26, 2004). After receiving a surprising amount of positive response, he continued to mix music using new software. His debut album 'Stationary Vibrations' is available at

"Stationary Vibrations", released in 2004, contains the songs White Envelope, Parallel Conflict (in the skies), and Dark Heart (Chase Sequencing Mix). The album contains 14 songs. Made in part using eJay software. Some songs and remixes powered by DM2: Digital Music Mixer. 

Released December 4, 2004